Sutton Massachusetts

Blackstone Valley, Massachusetts

The Blackstone Valley is the land area surrounding the Blackstone River as it wends its way through lower central Massachusetts and down into Rhode Island. The Blackstone River provides transportation, power, and fresh water to this area's residents. Many towns have sprung up along the river's length, and historically a number of mills used the current to generate power. In recent times the river is used for canoing and recreation.

There are a lot of things to do in the Blackstone Valley region. Sutton is located at the center of the Massachusetts Blackstone Valley region - and is therefore a perfect starting location for day trips!

Sutton Massachusetts Map Sutton's Neighbors

The lower area of this map rests on the Massachusetts - Rhode Island border.

It's also of course worth mentioning Worcester Massachusetts which is just north of Millbury, and is one of the largest cities in New England. Lots to do there!

Staying Fit in Sutton MA - ideas for things to do