Sutton Massachusetts

Staying Fit in Sutton MA

There is an immense variety of options for staying fit in the Sutton MA area. These range from outdoor walking tracks to mountain bike trails, from hiking to kayaking to mall walking. All of these are a short drive and well worth the trip.

Purgatory Chasm Sutton MA Find ways to keep your body active, and it will thank you by providing a long, healthy life!

Walking Options

Purgatory Chasm - Sutton
There are gentle walking trails here as well as more strenuous hiking options. One of the longer loops, Charley's Loop, is a mile long. You can create longer walks by moving from trail to trail. There's a playground, numerous picnic areas, and a small visitor's center. The photo to the right is of a path at Purgatory Chasm.

Sutton State Forest - Sutton
The Sutton State Forest is the larger network of green areas that includes Purgatory Chasm. While the Purgatory specific area has well marked trails, the entrance at Mendon Road is nearly completely unmarked. It is a maze of twisty passages, designed primarily for mountain biking. So if you enter these trails, I'd advise carrying a GPS with you. Or leaving a trail of breadcrumbs ;)

Lake Park - Lake Quinsigamond - Worcester
This park has a traditional oval quarter-mile jogging track around a football field as well as a longer 1.1 mile walking track that goes by the lake and through some trees. There are picnic areas here.

Blackstone Valley Bike Path - Millbury
The Blackstone Valley Bike Path is currently about 2.5 miles long. Eventually it should reach down through Sutton and continue on to Providence, RI. It is paved and can handle walkers, joggers, bikers, dog-walkers, and more.

Solomon Pond Mall Walking - Berlin
This is a bit further from Sutton but it's enclosed, so perfect for a rainy or snowy day. The inner loop of the Solomon Pond Mall is 0.33 miles, so three laps of it gets you a mile of walking. Plus they have a Subway and other food options right there.

Note that the Sutton school complex does not have a jogging / running track of any kind.


Sutton Town Beach - Sutton
Sutton's Town Beach is at the Marion Camp location on Lake Singletary. This lake is half in Sutton and half in Millbury. The beach is fairly small but does give access to the lake for swimming and relaxing. None of the other lakes or ponds in Sutton have public beaches.

Kayaking / Canoing

Lake Singletary - Sutton
While half of the lake is in Sutton, you have to go to the Millbury side in order to get to a boat ramp for Lake Singletary. The lake is fairly large and is a lot of fun to kayak on.

Manchaug Pond - Sutton
Manchaug has a boat ramp and a sheltered area near that boat ramp. You go through a gap in a rock wall to get out into the main pond area. I've kayaked here several times.

Blackstone River - Sutton
There is a canoe / kayak portage spot at the waterfall, along with a parking lot and several picnic tables. I haven't tried kayaking the river; that's a bit quick for me.

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