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Kodak EasyShare Sport Camera Review

I've used my Kodak EasyShare Sport Camera Review for a full year now. So my review isn't a "first time user" review with first impressions. I have been using this camera solidly for a year. I have seen it in a variety of conditions. Here is my review of it.

Kodak EasyShare Sport Camera Review First, the basics. The camera is about the size of an average digital camera / smart phone, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It is reasonably light, and has a rubber bumper on its front to keep the lens from getting too damaged by putting it down face-down accidentally. It is a 12mp camera and takes a standard SD memory card. It has a video mode and zoom.

I love to kayak, so I am constantly taking this camera out with me in the water. I actively take photos underwater, to get shots of interesting seaweed and fish. It has NEVER had any problem, in all these months, with being underwater. There is a two-layer system of protection for the two AA batteries and memory card. So you close up one plastic flap, and once that is closed you seal the outer plastic flap. Once both are sealed, you're set. Yes, it can be a bit tricky to get the inner orange flap to seal, but of course it's worth it to pay attention to doing that properly. If you let water into the insides of the camera, it undoubtedly stops working.

The camera does NOT FLOAT. I purchased a third party float for the camera since, being in a kayak, it's a reasonable assumption that things in the kayak might end up in the water. So if you're looking to use this camera in active water situations, I highly recommend getting a float for it.

The camera is a bit slow in taking photos. I get spoiled with my many other digital cameras, that I can point, shoot, and go right on to the next picture. Here there's a good 2 second delay before it gets the picture into memory. I don't mind, the camera is fairly inexpensive for being an underwater camera. If I have to be patient, that is fine.

Sometimes in a bright sun-on-lake situation, or in a dark underwater situation, the screen display doesn't give you a clear view of what you're trying to take a photo of. I guess the display isn't bright enough, or not anti-glare enough, or something. So in certain circumstances I have to point and guess.

There is screwhole at the base for mounting this onto a tripod. I suppose you might need one if you were shooting Niagara Falls photos and didn't want to worry about the camera being destroyed by the spray.

The camera comes with software, but while I tried it out a few times, I find it much easier just to dump the memory card contents onto my hard drive and work with them in PhotoShop.

I have taken this camera all over the place and it's been a trooper. I don't tend to handle my equipment gently. The camera has held up to the abuse.

Highly recommended.

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