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Kayak Pratt Pond Upton MA

Pratt Pond is a fairly small pond immediately along the south side of High Street / Hopkinton Road (same road, two names) in Upton, Massachusetts. Lakeview Cemetery juts out into the pond. It often has small fishing boats and kayaks in it.

Pratt Pond received some notoriety in May 2013 when local woman Sheryl Mayo was found drowned in the pond. She had lived nearby.

We went by in September 2013 to try to kayak there. However, a large sign by the boat ramp says that only Upton Residents are allowed in the pond. There is only one other pond I know of in central Massachusetts that has this kind of "non-locals stay out" policy. It seems a bit selfish for Uptonians to go and use other towns' ponds but to block other towns from sharing in their pond.

In any case, if you're not from Upton, you're out of luck.

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