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Lake Wangumbaug Kayaking - Coventry CT

Lake Wangumbaug Kayaking - Coventry CT photo The word Wangumbaug means 'Crooked Lake' and as you can see there's a reason this was named that. It's also known as Coventry Lake, because it's located in Coventry, Connecticut. It's a VERY busy lake. There's a town beach, a town boat ramp, and on a sunny weekend day there can be all sorts of boats, jetskiis, and kayaks competing for space on the narrow surface. The lake is 400 acres, so fairly large, but even so it can feel quite crowded.

If you're kayaking around the edges you might just have to deal with large waves trying to wash you into the rocky shore. If you're brave enough to try to go across the middle of the lake to get to the other side, you want to make sure you've got your wits about you!

Lake Wangumbaug Kayaking - Coventry CT Photos - June 2014

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