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Whitins Pond Kayak

Whitins Pond is part of the large network of ponds which makes up the Whitinsville Reservoir system. This goes all the way from Carpenter Reservoir down through Fish Pond, Whitins Pond, Arcade Pond, Meadow Pond, and more. Whitins Pond is located, as one might guess, in Whitinsville Massachusetts. It makes up the western portion of Whitinsville.

Whitins Pond Kayak

Note that the Whitins Pond is a completely separate place from the Whitin (no S) Reservoir, which is located in Douglas, MA.

On the above map, I have added an orange spot at the location of the put in place. It is on the northern side of Whitins Pond, on Carr Street. There is not good parking here. The southern side of Carr Street is marked as no parking. There are a few spots where you can park fully off-road on the northern side of the street.

I have confirmed with the Whitinsville Water Company that it's legal to kayak on Whitins Pond. There were at least six other fishing boats on the pond while we were out there last.

Whitins Pond Kayak

Enjoy the slideshow of photos!

Whitins Pond Kayaking - September 2 2012
Whitins Pond Kayaking - September 16 2012

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