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Solomon Pond Mall Walking

The Solomon Pond Mall in Berlin, MA provides a great, 0.33 mile walking track no matter what the weather outside. Plus they have a food court to keep you fueled up! Here are the details on mall walking at the Solomon Pond Mall.

The walking loop at the Solomon Pond Mall is the second floor open area. This is what the food court is attached to. We like to start at the food court because it has free wi-fi. It means we can sync up our devices there and then just choose a random trash barrel or such to count our laps from.

They do have an official morning walk time at the mall, when it's quiet and everything is closed, but we walk midday and there are hardly any people in the walk areas to worry about. Plus there are food items to eat. We like the Subway.

We did our tests using an Omron Pedometer, a Biggest Loser SlimCoach MyTrak, and an iPod Nano.

Lisa 1: Omrom Pedometer
Lisa 2: Biggest Loser SlimCoach

Bob 1: iPod Nano

Of these, only the Omron and Nano give live updates. The SlimCoach has to be viewed on the computer, with summaries. Luckily, the food court has free wireless. We brought a laptop, and carried it with us in a backpack.

Here is the layout of the mall. The food court is in the top right. When you walk, you want to walk around the end of the escalators on either end. I drew the general path in green on the map.

Solomon Pond Mall Walking

Here are the three laps we did, to add up to a mile.

LapOmrom TotalOmron LapNano TotalNano Lap
Loop 1811811--
Loop 21596785--
Loop 323617652382768

SlimCoach start
Time: 4:18pm
30 heart min
3067 steps / 1.5 mi
240 cal

SlimCoach end
Time: 4:47
50 heart min
5302 steps / 2.6 mi
340 cal

So over 29 minutes it gave credit for:
20 min heart activity
2235 steps (avg 745/lap)
1.1 miles

Then Lap 4:
Bob nano - 817 / .39 mile
Bob SlimCoach:
54 heart min = 4 additional
5951 steps = 649 steps additional
2.9 miles = 0.3 mi additional
370 calories = 30 cal additional

Omron distance per lap:
787 steps * 2.29 feet per step (Lisa) = 1802.23 feet = .34 miles

Nano distance per lap:
794 steps * 2.22 feet per step (Bob) = 1762.68 feet = .33 miles

SlimCoach distance per lap:
745 steps * 2.29 feet per step (Lisa) = 1706 feet = .32 miles

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