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Sutton Writing Group

Sutton Writing Group

Welcome to the Sutton Writing Group. We meet at the Sutton Public Library in Sutton, Massachusetts on the second Thursday of every month from 6:00pm to 7:45pm. That ending time allows us time to head out before they close the doors at 8pm. We warmly welcome all levels of writers! Even if you just have a glimmer of a novel in your mind, come on out and join us!

It's fine to be a remote-only member. We do most of our sharing, feedback, and conversation via email. We send along stories to read, covers to critique, marketing tips, event opportunities, and much more. All members get free access to Lisa's library of 450+ books on the topics of writing, publishing, marketing, social networking, event planning, and more. We are a support and education system for writers of all levels of skill.

We first met on June 4, 2013, with two members including founding member Kevin Saleeba, now a multi-published author. Our group is made up of 65 members from all around the Blackstone Valley. Several members live in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Others come from other points west, east, and north. Wherever you live, whatever your genre, please join us. We'll help you on the road to success.

Our in-person meetings draw about 10 people on average. They are primarily about getting to know each other as human beings. We learn to trust and understand each other. That way when it comes time to provide or hear critique of a work we have receptive ears. We understand that the person sending the pages scrawled with red marks is a friend striving to help us. It's always easier to hear comments from a friend than a stranger. Each person gets about 10 minutes to talk about what they're up to and to bounce ideas. If they wish they can read something, but they don't have to.

We don't require sharing or critiques. It is fine if you simply wish to listen and learn. We are all about being supportive, constructive, and encouraging. We strongly feel that writing and publishing should be available to all members of society, no matter what their circumstances. Most of what we promote are completely free systems. You can get your book published, start to finish, without paying one dime. We'll show you how.

Ask with any questions!

Our Members

We have 65 members who write in a wide variety of genres. We cover fiction and non-fiction. Short stories, novellas, and full-length epic novels. We touch on mystery, romance, history, horror, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and much, much more. Our moderator is Lisa Shea who has published over 450 books in all of the above.

Author List of the Sutton Writing Group

Our Compilations

The Sutton Writing Group publishes annual themed compilation books. These are released during each holiday season. Our purpose for our group funds is to support local charities.

Compilations of the Sutton Writing Group

Our Annual Art-Poetry Show

The Sutton Writing Group pairs with the Worcester Writing Collaborative and the Blackstone Valley Art Assocation each spring to create an art-poetry show. This joint venture allows poets in the group to stretch their horizons and interpret works of art.

Art-Poetry Show

Events and Opportunities

The Blackstone Valley region is full of great opportunities for authors to participate in signings, have books on bookshelves, speak at events, and much, much more. Here are just a few places you'll find us. If you're an author, you might consider contacting some of these organizations yourself!

Events and Opportunities in the Sutton Region

Donation and Charity

We are all quite blessed to have the food, shelter, and clothing which keep us healthy and happy. So many others in our world are struggling with far worse burdens than we face. Here is your opportunity to help others.

Donation and Charity Opportunities for Authors

Lending Library

Lisa Shea has written over 450 books on a variety of topics. Many of them detail how authors can bring their book to the next level through attentive editing, effective marketing, and the massive power of social networking. Here's the books you can enjoy!

Lending Library for Members

For More Information

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us by using our Online Contact Form. You can also message us on our Sutton Facebook Page.

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