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The Sutton Writing Group pairs with the Worcester Writing Collaborative and the Blackstone Valley Art Assocation each spring to create an art-poetry show. This joint venture allows poets in the group to stretch their horizons and interpret works of art.

Here is how it works.

In September, we gather up a list of interested poets and artists. We then create pairs of one poet with one artist. Let's say the poet is Emily Dickinson and the artist is Picasso. Emily would write a poem and give that poem to Picasso. Picasso would create a work of art to interpret that poem. Separately, Picasso would paint a poem wholly out of his own imagination. He would give that artwork to Emily. Emily would then interpret that artwork with a poem.

Each person creates an original item and hands it to their partner.
Each partner receives an item and interprets it.

Each pairing ends up with two pieces of art and two works of poetry.

In February, we show these for the month at the Worcester Public Library.

In March, we show these at the Blackstone Library.

In April 1-7 (or thereabouts) we have a festival at the Millbury Barnes & Noble. We end on the last Sunday of that with a public reading where each poem is read out loud. We video-tape these for YouTube.

Here are the previous years of events.

2017 Art-Poetry Pairing
2018 Art-Poetry Pairing
2019 Art-Poetry Pairing

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