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If you're an author near central Massachusetts, you're in luck! There are a wealth of opportunities around here to spread the word about your books. Here's just a few examples to get your started. Let us know what other events and opportunities you've heard of!

Cable Interview Shows

There are a number of local stations interested in talking with you. The videos get shared by local communities and put on YouTube to reach an international audience.

Jan Lewis / Upton Cable
Jan runs a program "Be My Guest" where she interviews you one-on-one about your projects. It's relaxing and calm. I've done it multiple times (at least 4). You just hang out on a couch and talk with her about your books. The finished video is put on YouTube for you to link to and promote. This takes place on the second floor of the Upton Town Library, 2 Main Street, Upton MA. You can see a number of videos here, to see how it works - Jan Lewis Be My Guest Videos. Contact Jan at to get more info.

A few of my videos:
02-08-2018 / Elm Espionage and Aspie Girl in Massachusetts
08-30-2018 / BVAA Sunflower Show, Wyoming Vision launch, Being Aware launch
10-11-2018 / Fir Fallacies, Blackstone Valley Mysteries, Wyoming Vision out, cyanotypes
06-07-2019 / Mused Literary Review, the Noah Flood series, the Jerusalem series, the writing seminars

Miguel / Northbridge Cable
Miguel runs a show "People of Interest" where he interviews a variety of local artists and authors. You can see information about his show and other shows the station runs here -

Robbin Miller / Shrewsbury Cable
Robbin's a talented local author who is also a video star! She's been running her show for twenty years. Be sure to contact her about being on it!

Rita Sullivan / Millbury Cable
Rita focuses on children's books, so if you write children's books you definitely want to contact Rita! The program is called "Celebrity Readers".

Local Bookstores

Our local bookstores are wonderful at supporting local authors. The key is that WE need to support THEM too! Go visit them in person to introduce yourself. Buy things from them. If they accept your book, make sure you market regularly and mention that the book is in their store. The more we promote them, the more they thrive and can stock our books!

Enchanted Passage - Sutton
This is primarily a children's bookstore but they do have a section for local authors. They do all sorts of events including birthday parties and reading groups. Do your best to drive traffic to them and mention them - we want to keep our local bookstore alive!

Booklovers' Gourmet - Webster
This delightful bookstore and coffee shop has been run by owner Debi for over twenty years. She has all sorts of author events and art events. Be sure to swing by and support her!

Annie's Book Stop - Worcester
Annie's might be soon changing its name to Tower Books, but it's the same local neighborhood location which loves local authors. Talk with them about doing a reading or participating in an event!

Roots and Press - Worcester
A brand new bookshop which opened in April 2019 in Worcester. They're a delightful spot with friendly staff.

Tatnuck Booksellers - Westboro
Tatnuck used to be in Worcester, but now they're just in Westboro. They have a fairly large store in a mall complex with Julio's Liquors right on Route 9 eastbound. They are very open to authors coming in and doing signings. The recommendation is to go in in person and talk with them about hosting a signing. At the signing, bring in your fans to make a good showing of it. That will then convince them to have your books on the shelves to continue to serve that fan base. Be sure as always to continue to market that the book is available there, to keep the books selling.

Barnes & Noble Worcester and Millbury
There are two different Barnes & Noble in our area - one in Millbury and one in Worcester. We do several events each year with the Millbury location. Note that in general Barnes & Noble are NOT open to self-published authors being on their shelves because they already have thousands of big-publisher books fighting tooth and nail for that shelf space. What you need to do is participate in one of their multi-author events like their Spring or Fall Authorstock. Sell out of your 10 books to prove you have a local fan base. They'll then stock more. Get those to sell out through heavy marketing. Once you prove you are worth the shelf space, they'll keep you in stock!

Local Libraries

Seed a few local libraries with your books by donating books for their shelves. Go on the Upton Cable TV show - when you do that, part of the process is you donate a book to the Upton library and it gets featured there. Now get your fans to request your book through the CWMars exchange at THEIR library. When a library - let's say the Grafton library - sees that people in Grafton keep requesting a copy of your book from Upton, they will decide to buy a local copy for their own patrons. You need to prove that demand to them through action.

Also, offer to do a free reading / seminar for the library. Libraries love having events to offer to their patrons. Present it as a way you can help them be a fun place that patrons want to go to. Avoid presenting it as a way you can use to make money :).

Shrewsbury Author Fair - Thursday in June
Each June the Shrewsbury Public Library kicks off their summer of reading with a festival and author fair. Contact them to see if you can be included in the mix!

Massachusetts Book Awards - August
This group is somehow associated with the libraries. They choose the very best of books related to Massachusetts in even the most vague of manners :). It could be a Massachusetts-based author, a Massachusetts-based publisher, you name it. Look through past winners. You'll see they tend to skew toward books with amazing covers and with "topical" themes that make readers think. It's worth looking into.

Indie Author Day - Saturday in October
Every year is a world-wide celebration of Indie Author Day. This takes place at libraries all over the world, including ours. In 2019 this is on Saturday, October 12th.

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