Sutton Massachusetts

Oct 8 2016 Indie Author Day

On October 8, 2016, from 10am to 3pm, the Sutton Public Library is hosting Indie Author Day! This fantastic event is being celebrated across the United States in libraries great and small. It helps local authors meet their fans. It helps those who want to learn about writing take that first step! Whether you're a reader or a writer, mark your calendar!

There will be signings, talks, Q&A sessions, and more!

Featured Speakers:

10am: Pat Jackman Altomare
Pat has just published a fascinating cookbook! It gathers up her many articles from years of writing about food for local papers. You can find it here in both print and ebook format –

Not Just a Recipe

11am: Steve Hague
Steve has a series on "How My Dorky Dad ..." featuring a pre-teen heroine. The first is "How My Dorky Dad Became a Hero" which is available on Amazon. Book 2 will be "How My Dork Dad Saves Christmas" and book three will be on "Saves Our School." He's working separately on an adult romantic suspense series set in Providence. He's also working on a nonfiction series providing advice on negotiations, which he wants to integrate with classes and workshops.

My Dorky Dad Became a Hero on Amazon

Noon: S. M. Nevermore
S. M. has a degree in creative writing and is working on a variety of series. A dystopian novel trilogy involves a 21-year-old heroine who is is a "dreamcaster" 500 years in the future. There's a fantasy series of short stories featuring characters who represent classic emotions such as envy, fear, and pride. A short story series pairs a werewolf with a bookstore owner. Another short story series centers on a haunted cemetery and the ghosts who can't quite let go of life.

S. M. Nevermore on Twitter

1pm: Kevin Saleeba
Kevin has published a fantasy book "The Squonk and the Horned Beast" in both paperback and ebook form. He's currently working on four more books. The one nearest to completion is "Black Goose" - a history of Seekonk, MA. That should be done within 2016. Next, he's working on a book on teaching children with special needs. In addition he's planning a sequel to Squonk and a guide for swim coaches.

Squonk and the Horned Beast on Amazon

2pm: Linda DeFeudis
Linda has written a book of poetry on coping with and surviving breast cancer.

She's written a personal book of poetry relating to Huntington's. She's working on publishing a cute short story about learning the short vowel sounds. She's also working on a memoirs and on a series of short stories bringing to life Worcester of the '60s and '70s.

Life is Beautiful


Also presenting:


Lisa Shea - coordinator
Lisa has published nearly 300 works ranging from full-length novels to novellas, novelettes, and short stories. She's written standalones and series. She's written romance, mystery, science fiction, cooking, self-help, and more. She has a trio of novels in her Sutton Massachusetts murder mystery series, beginning with Aspen Allegations. She also has three novellas in her Blackstone Valley series which are mystery-adventure, beginning with Rumble Strip.

You can learn more about her books here:

Lisa's Library of Published Books

Tracy Vartanian
Tracy has written a rhyming story children’s book in print and ebook format.

Please Don't Close the Puddles

Allan Finnegan
Allan is a poet! He's published on book so far and is working on furthering the reach of his poetry.


Sue Robsky
Sue is finalizing her science fiction time travel novel where the main character - a teenage boy - goes back to interesting times such as the Civil War and World War I.

Bob Marrone
Bob loves film noir stories and is working on a classic private eye novel. He has also written stunning short stories evoking fishing off the Massachusetts coastline.

Official Website:

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