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5 Gallon Aquarium Tank

Tadpoles need somewhere clean to live where they have ample room to swim, nooks to hide in, and places to bask. A 5 gallon aquarium tank can provide the perfect environment for all of this.

5 Gallon Aquarium Tank Definitely a glass-walled aquarium is key. It might be a bit heavier than acrylic, and you have to use a little more care so you don't drop and break it, but it's well worth it. Glass doesn't scratch easily, meaning you don't get little grooves and nicks in it. For you, it means you can clearly see your pets and observe for any signs of illness or disease. For your pets, it means that algae and other growths won't build up in those grooves, becoming nearly impossible to remove. Glass is far easier to clean and maintain.

The rule of thumb for tadpoles is that you want about 1 liter per 5 tadpoles. A liter is about a quarter of a gallon. With a 5 gallon tank, you can have it 3/5ths full and have about 20 tadpoles in there without any issue. This is probably the most you want to deal with at the same time, anyway. This will keep you going until the froglet stage. At the froglet stage the ratio is 1 froglet per 1 liter of water, so you'd want to have only 12 froglets in there. For most tadpole parents, their intention is to raise the tadpoles to the froglet stage and then let them go into the wild (assuming they are raising local eggs they gathered themselves). So, again, the tank will be fine to handle the remaining tadpoles while the larger ones are set free.

A great size and material for the typical tadpole parent.

You can buy these at Amazon via the link below, but if you're able to it's far cheaper to go to your local pet store, WalMart, or other similar store to get them there.

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