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The Zoo Med Eco Carpet is in essence and outdoor-style carpet made for pet enclosures, and created from recycled plastic bottlese. So it's the spiky grass stuff you often find near pools. How well does it do for pets?

Zoo Med Eco Carpet We got our eco carpet for our young froglets. Once tadpoles sprout arms and lose their tails, they stop eating spinach and zucchini. They want to eat insects instead. That means they have to move out of their watery tank and into a more land-based environment. We wanted to create a world for them that had a swimming pool and also a land area for them to hop around on. The eco carpet seemed like the perfect solution.

At first it seemed like everything was great. You can cut the eco carpet to any shape. We could staple it down to boards to create flat surfaces. The frogs hopped across it without any issue. They couldn't eat the carpet by accident, so it was safe for them in that sense.

However, as we designed some tanks with pebble areas and eco carpet areas, the froglets vastly preferred to be on the pebbles. I would have to think that the eco carpet hurt their tiny feet. And, as we transitioned them to a more natural soil based environment, they hopped around quite a lot. It's as if they were resisting hopping around before because landing on the eco carpet was uncomfortable.

So while this might be OK for much larger creatures with tougher feet, I would not recommend this for someone keeping small frogs.

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