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Zucchini - Feeding Tadpoles

Your tadpoles should primarily be eating romaine and spinach as their main diet. However, they like a bit of variety! Be sure to include a little bit of zucchini in with their meal plan.

Zucchini - Feeding Tadpoles Zucchini is a delicious, nutritious treat for humans - and tadpoles love it as well. It has vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and potassium.

You don't want to boil the zucchini, like you boil the spinach and romaine. However, you do need to freeze it. The freezing and thawing process will help to break down those tough cell walls within the zucchini, to make it soft enough for the little tadpoles to eat it.

So start by cutting the zucchini in half, scooping out the soft seeds, and then slicing the remaining "meat" of the zucchini up into thin slices. You want them to look like little half-length chunky toothpicks. Use an ice cube tray and fill each one with a pile of these zucchini-sticks. Freeze them. Then, when it's time to feed your tads, add in a block of the zucchini sticks to their meal.

You'll see the tadpoles nibble their way down a stick just like down an ear of corn!

The outer skin will probably prove too tough for their tadpole mouths to get through, but it helps hold the rest of the zucchini together until they're able to eat it all. Then your filter will gather them, or you can scoop them out.

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