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Fluval 2 Water Filter

The Fluval 2 Water Filter is designed to work in a variety of configurations. This makes it absolutely perfect for tadpole tanks. You can put it sideways, just beneath the surface of the water. This creates a long "basking area" that the tadpoles absolutely love, while at the same time keeping their tank clean.

Fluval 2 Water Filter I had no idea the Water Filter would be so ideal when I bought it. Sure, I knew it had a great reputation as a water filter, and that it could create a gentle stream. That is of course the big challenge with tadpole tanks. Tadpoles are MESSY - but they are also tiny and delicate. You want a filter that moves enormous amounts of water in order to keep the tank clean. At the same time, you don't want industrial-strength jets of water blasting into their swimming area. Especially when tadpoles are just developing their little arms and legs, getting hit with that water blast could cause all sorts of damage.

The Fluval 2 Water Filter is very easy to set up. You decide what kind of output stream you want, set the speed, and voila. You stick the whole thing into your tank and you're set. I put it in sideways figuring it would take up the least amount of swimming space that way. I was completely shocked when I came back a few hours later and found six of the little tadpoles had wriggled their way on top of it and were soundly sleeping there. At first, I was worried. Would a little limb get stuck somewhere? Would the soft buzzing bother them? But no, it almost seemed soothing. They actively wrestle with each other to get onto that spot and, even if others come and pile on top of them, they lay there contented. It is really cute to watch them. They're like a pile of kittens.

The water in the tank is absolutely much cleaner with this running. It does the best one could hope for against the output of these industrious little baby frogs.

Highly recommended for tadpoles. Just install it sideways, just below the surface, so the little tadpoles can rest on top of it. There's lots of photos and videos of this in action all through the SuttonMass site.

Ask if you have any questions!

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Fluval 2 Water Filter

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