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Separating Tadpoles

Most of the time you want to keep your tadpoles together as a group. They feel safer that way. Safety in numbers and all of that. Also, it's easier for you to manage the water, feeding, and other tasks if you only have to do it once.

Separating Tadpoles But there will be times that you want to separate out a few of the tadpoles. Maybe a tadpole is sick. Or maybe a few of the tadpoles are tiny and are at risk of being injured or eaten by the others. This is when you should consider a second tank.

In this photo we had most of the tadpoles at the leg-growing stage, but two of the tadpoles were still incredibly tiny. They were getting bashed and run over by the larger tadpoles. We were worried that they could be hurt or even eaten. So we moved them into their own tank.

The little tadpoles did quite nicely in here. Left on their own, they ate food without any stress and had a safe place to hide. I would have felt sad if I moved just one of them off on his own, but with two of them they could keep each other company.

When they get big enough, they can be re-introduced back into the main tank.

Tadpole Care Feeding and Raising - What do Tadpoles Eat and Need to Thrive?

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Tadpole Care and FeedingTadpole Care and Feeding
This step by step manual helps ensure that your little tadpoles grow up to be happy, healthy frogs. From choosing the tank to designing the menu, from checking the pH to adjusting the temperature, I'll ensure your cute, tiny balls of energy grow up into a joyful friend.

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