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Tadpole Basking

Tadpoles naturally live in shallow, calm corners of ponds and lakes. As part of their normal daily cycle, they love to bask on rocks and in shallow areas.

Tadpole Basking You want to make sure you provide a basking area in your tank setup. Find a rock that has a gradual slope to it, so the tadpoles can wriggle their way up onto a portion of it. They'll still want to be in the water, but they'll want to be able to rest there on the ledge.

Any sort of ledge will do. Our tadpoles rest on the edge of tank ornaments, on ledges at the entrances of the ornaments, on the edge of the rock, you name it. Sometimes they'll go fully onto the rock, as shown in the photo and in the video below. At other times, they'll delicately perch on the edge of the rock, sort of like a bird would perch on a tree limb.

Either way, it lets the tadpole rest somewhere calm and quiet, with the air close by to breathe, and enough water to keep them moist.

We've used rocks, tank ornaments, small turtle floats, and even a sideways-mounted water filter to create basking spots for our tadpoles. They love them all!

Create some lovely basking locations in your tadpole tank - your tadpoles will thank you for it!

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