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Tadpole Toes

Once a tadpole grows its legs, the next stage to look for is the development of the toes. A tadpole will start out with just a shovel shape where the foot is. Then, over time, the toes will separate out.

Adult frogs tend to have five toes on each foot, but they don't all spring out at once. This is a slow, gradual process. Day after day you'll see the foot area grow, elongate, and the toes slowly become individual entries. There will be one big toe. Then two toes. Then three, and so on. Once the tadpole has five toes, they will start to develop webbing. This makes it easier for a tadpole to swim in the water.

Once you have a frog with two fully developed legs, the next thing to watch for is the emergence of the first arm!

Tadpole Care Feeding and Raising - What do Tadpoles Eat and Need to Thrive?

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Tadpole Care and FeedingTadpole Care and Feeding
This step by step manual helps ensure that your little tadpoles grow up to be happy, healthy frogs. From choosing the tank to designing the menu, from checking the pH to adjusting the temperature, I'll ensure your cute, tiny balls of energy grow up into a joyful friend.

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