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Whisper Micro Filter

When tadpoles are eggs, you probably don't need a filter in your tank. However, when they reach the stage that they are creating legs, you definitely want a filter. These little critters can be fairly messy in the way they eat and poop.

Whisper Micro Filter We keep our tadpoles in a 5 gallon tank and the Whisper Micro Filter is just the right size for this purpose. You have to be incredibly careful when choosing a filter for your tadpole tank. You don't want the tiny tadpoles sucked up into the filter assembly! With the Whisper unit, even the smaller tadpoles swim right beneath it without getting caught.

Of course, I do recommend having the filter on a side you can easily see at a glance. That way if anybody runs into trouble, for example a sickly tadpole, you can step in and help out as quickly as possible.

You want the water to run off on top of something - maybe a decorative object in your tank - so it doesn't splash a lot. The tadpoles like calm and quiet. At the same time, if you've got just one rock in the tank, don't have the water stream onto that. You want the tadpoles to have somewhere quiet and restful that they can bask on. So it's a balancing act. Technically the lip of the filter top is supposed to be underwater, but most tadpole tanks are just not this deep.

Make sure to clean the filter regularly - it'll be picking up a lot of gunk. Rinse the removable inner filter out under a faucet in the "reverse direction" to blow out the gunk away from the filter.

There's a flow control setting - I'd start at the lowest flow possible. See how your tadpoles do with that. Only inch it higher if they seem OK and if the water quality needs it.

Well recommended as a way to keep the tadpole water relatively clean.

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