Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Churches

Churches are often the center of any community, and store important records about births, baptisms, marriages and deaths. Here is information, history and photos about the churches in Sutton Massachusetts. Note that this town was first settled by colonists in 1716.

The churches are shown by order of their founding.

PhotoChurch NameLocationEstablished
First Congregational ChurchSutton Common1719
First Baptist ChurchCentral Turnpike1735
Second Baptist ChurchSouth Sutton1792
St John's Episcopal ChurchWilkinsonville1828
St Anne's ChurchManchaug?
Second Congregational Church - 1747-1813 is now in Millbury

Historic Manchaug Baptist Church 1842-1970s

Religious Notes from Sutton's History
Collection of Old Baptist Church Etchings
The Live ForEver Sect - 1700s
Baptist Preacher Elder Waters and his Distillery - 1700s

Historic Sutton Buildings