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aspen allegations murder mystery Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs by their nature can contain spoilers. Be warned! If you read through this area, you might come across something which reveals a key part of the storyline.

Is Ramshorn Pond pronounced Rams-Horn or Ram-Shorn?
According to a resident on the pond, the proper pronunciation of it is Rams-Horn, as in the horn of a ram.

Can a person survive 10 minutes in 41F water?
This was the subject of a LOT of debate with my reading team. We went back and forth and looked up study after study. In the end the consensus is that a person could be in the water for ten minutes before they began to shake so badly they couldn't put on a life vest or perform other dexterity-needing activities. So someone swimming hard for ten minutes would be able to do so. Yes they'd be quite cold at the end of ten minutes - but they wouldn't be near death.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the book!

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