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Aspen Allegations Location

aspen allegations murder mystery Aspen Allegations was written in "real time". That is, if I saw a rainbow on a given day, the character in a story saw that rainbow. I really did visit Tony's Pizza, the National Grill, and the Pleasant Valley Country Club's restaurant. I'm describing the foods I actually ate.

I've been out on Singletary Lake many times in my kayak, and love it there. I've also been out on Ramshorn Pond. I enjoy hiking through Purgatory Chasm and the Sutton woods network. Yes, the paths really are that twisty in Sutton Woods :).

Here is a map of Lake Singletary. Note that the 1968 drowning was fictional, for the story.

Lake Singletary sutton massachusetts

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the locations!

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