Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Fire Department

I had a great talk with the Sutton Fire Department in 2005 about their operations. We have a fire chief, plus 2 full time workers from M-F, 8-4. In addition we have 40 firefighters on call for any emergency situations. Note that our firefighters are called by radio. If you hear that loud siren noise, that is Grafton's system you are listening to.

From July 2003-June 2004 there were a total of 785 incidents in Sutton. This includes a wide range of things, from 2 cooking fires, 18 building fires, 14 chimney fires, and so on. A record book kept in the Sutton Library goes into the full details, if you are interested in learning more!

Sutton Fire Dept
4 Uxbridge Road
Sutton MA 01590
911 Emergency Only

Wilkinsonville Fire Station
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