Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton MA Internet Service Options

Back in the Old Days before cable modems, we used Earthlink as our dial-up service from Sutton. The connection was good, it was a local call, and we could have Earthlink access points whereever we traveled. However, we hounded Charter incessantly to bring a high speed line out to Sutton because we needed that faster speed. Eventually they did it, and we signed up immediately.

Now many years later Charter is really racking up the fees. They are up to $50/mo for their high speed line. As much as they say it's high speed, I work from home all day and I can notice the drop when the kids get home from school and start downloading YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, for the longest time there was no other option. DSL couldn't reach to Sutton and there was nothing else you could do. However, there are starting to be some other options out there. The only problem now is that we have gotten used to using our email addresses. It will take a month or two to convert those over to a non-charter address - with all the accounts we've signed up with using them - to be able to then get off of the Charter internet service.

I'll post with the prices and options we've found once we do!

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