Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton MA Telephone Options

We have used MANY different phone companies over the years, switching them as they had problems with either service or billing. The phone industry has gotten so much better in recent times both in terms of service and in fees. In the old days you'd often have to switch phone numbers if you switched companies. Nowadays you can switch as much as you like and keep your same phone #. Usually it's quite seamless too. So that is a good thing.

In terms of fees, people used to pay MUCH more than $40/mo if they called all over the US. Charter Cable now charges you $40/mo for unlimited calling. You might think that's a really good thing! We used them for a while and the service was OK.

However, you can get $25/mo unlimited US service from Vonage, and keep the same phone number. There's really no reason NOT to go with that. In fact, I had a "metered" back up / business fax phone line with Verizon which was solely connected to an answering machine. With that pay-as-you-go plan the Verizon line was more than $25/mo base fee!

I now have both of those phone lines converted over to Vonage. Vonage has been a great, reliable system. All you need is an internet connection (which hopefully your household already has) and you're all set. Yes, if the cable goes out your phone goes out - but that rarely happens and really if the cable lines go down the phone lines are probably down as well. That's what a cell phone is for :)

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