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Kodak Floating Camera Wrist Strap Review

I own a Kodak EasyShare Sport Camera which I take kayaking. This camera does not float on its own. Absolutely one of the very first things I bought to go with it was the floating camera strap.

Kodak Floating Camera Wrist Strap Review I've been using this floating strap for a year and I *love* it. When you're kayaking, things can end up in the water. These things just happen. With the bright orange float, it's easy to stop where the camera went and to grab it again. While I don't mind (too much) if my water bottle gets lost and goes downstream, I would definitely mind if I'd been taking photos all day long and then the camera went glug, glug, glug.

I don't usually actually wear the strap on my wrist. Usually the camera sits on the kayak in front of me and I grab it when I want to take photos of something. So for me this acts more as a float than an on-all-the-time wrist strap. It's certainly nice to know that it can function as a wrist strap if needed, though.

I've been using this for over a year now and it's simply wonderful. Highly recommended.

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