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It amuses me vastly that realtors are apparently selling VERY expensive homes on Stone School Road to people without telling them that the transfer station was - until very recently - a dump!! That's not just park land in the transfer station area. That is a large dump that was covered over with sod. I don't mind them covering up the dump, but I do mind realtors deliberately hiding this fact from new home owners.

You can read the History of Sutton's Transfer Station for the whole story of how this happened.

The Sutton transfer station is found down Stone School Road.
Station Hours - Tue through Sat 8am-4pm

Sutton Transfer Station

For more information on the Sutton Transfer Station and to get a sticker, contact the Sutton Town Hall.

Town Hall
Town Clerk
4 Uxbridge Rd.
Sutton, MA 01590
Town clerk - 508-865-8725

Official Sutton Transfer Station Website

What the Transfer Station Recycles

From the Transfer Station website:

Paper and Cardboard Products: Clean newspaper, in serts, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, paper, corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags. No holiday wrap.

Containers: Glass bottles, jars, aluminum, tin, steels, cans & lids. All plastic containers with the recycling symbol.

Scrap Metal and White Goods: Scrap metal & white goods can be disposed of with a special permit fee.

Composting: The composting area is available for disposal of leaves and grass clippings only. A designated area is set aside for Christmas trees from December 26th through January 31st during normal business hours.

Fluorescent bulbs can be disposed of at the transfer station.

Cans and bottles are recycled at the Transfer Station with all proceeds going to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

For statistics and historical information about the transfer station volume and recycling rates, visit the Transfer Station Recycling Page

Please recycle! I have a TON of information in my Sutton MA Recycling Pages to help you out.

There are several alternatives in Sutton to the Sutton Transfer Station. To learn more about trash and recycling alternatives, visit the Sutton Recycling and Trash Services Page

How does Sutton's municipal trash and recycling options compare with the surrounding communities? If you go through 3 bags a week, plus the $30 access fee, Sutton is about $180/yr. Plus gas. Plus hassle. Apparently other towns in our area charge LESS money and pick up your trash AT YOUR HOUSE.

transfer station closed July 1 2003
Curbside pickup with "Service Time Inc." of Linwood, MA
bags 75 cents each at certain locations (as of 2010)
No other access fees
Estimated single family usage - under $100/year

curbside pickup with "Central Mass disposal"
Single family $15.00 mth ($180/yr)

Hopkinton is a few towns away, but they pick up 4 bags a week from households for FREE.

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