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Plastic Bags and Recycling
Sutton Massachusetts

Plastic bags pose an intersting problem for recyclng. On one hand, they are made of plastic. They're clearly able to be recycled. So you would think you just put them into the bin with the other plastic items.

The problem is the mechanized sorting lines. Both BFI and Waste Management take their recyclable materials to Casella in Auburn. Casella has a zero sort / single stream system which processes all the recyclable items. This system can NOT handle loose plastic bags. The plastic bags have to be manually removed from the stream so they do not get into the machinery.

Therefore you need to find an alternative way to recycle those plastic bags. One option is at the Whitinsville WalMart. They have a series of plastic bag recycling boxes at the entryway to their store. They take ANY plastic bags you have!

Plastic bag recycling

However, an even BETTER option is the Price Chopper in Worcester. It's right up Route 146, by the McDonalds and Wendy's. Not only do they take plastic bags, but they also take those plastic pillows that shippers often use! Just puncture the pillows and put that plastic in with your plastic bags. I verified with Price Chopper administrators that this is fine, that it's the exact same plastic as the plastic bags and they'll take it. Oddly, when I called WalMart, all they wanted was plastic bags (and apparently preferably just WalMart plastic bags). So this is a case where going to Price Chopper definitely gets you a much better situation!

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