Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts

clothes donation Recycling in Sutton Massachusetts is easy! Here are ways you can recycle in Sutton and help keep our world clean.

Sutton is currently one of the WORST towns in the entire state of Massachusetts in terms of recycling. While Sutton transfer station users are closing in on 50% recycling rate, the rest of the town that uses pick-up service only recycles 14% of their trash!! Some other towns in Massachusetts are recycling 87%! We need to get our act together :)

Here are pages on recycling to help you get organized!

Recycling Services
To start with, sign up for one of the trash + recycling services available in Sutton. This ensures the bulk of your trash and recycling is handled.
Recycling Services in Sutton MA

Recycling Options
There will always be items that your service won't take, like plastic bags. Here is how you handle those other items so they get recycled properly.
Recycling Options - for items the services won't take

Historical Rates
Just how poorly has Sutton been doing over the years, compared with the other towns in Massachusetts? Here are the numbers!
Historical Rates of Recycling in Sutton MA

Recycling Specific Items
Bottles, Cans and Recycling
Clothing, Fabric and Recycling
Electronics, Batteries, CDs and Recycling
Eyeglasses and Recycling
Pizza Boxes and Recycling
Plastic Bags and Recycling
Styrofoam and Recycling

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