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Once you have signed up with one of the Recycling Services in Sutton MA you are set for the basics of recycling - paper, plastic, cardboard, glass bottles. However, there are always going to be MANY items that these services won't take but which should still be recycled. Here is a list of how you handle those items!

Cloth and Clothing
No matter HOW torn or ripped or stained your clothing is, make sure you recycle it. You do not want to fill up landfills with that fabric! There are several clothing bins scattered around Sutton, such as behind the USPS mall or at the Transfer Station. Make sure you use the CHARITY bins, not the PlanetAid "for profit" bins that are also in various locations. Remember - even if you think something is too worn to wear, someone else might LOVE to patch it and enjoy it. Stained cloth is often used for rags, for cleaning or engine repair.

Clothing Recycling Details and Locations

Plastic Bags
First, buy yourself a few hemp bags and use those for shopping. Not only do they hold more and are easier to carry, but many supermarkets will give you money credit for bringing in your own bags! When you do end up with plastic bags, bring them to the PriceChopper in Worcester, or the WalMart in Whitinsville. Both of these stores have a big collection box right out front. The PriceChopper even takes those plastic pillow packing materials!

Plastic Bags and Recycling

Bottles / Cans (with deposit)
The same WalMart in Whitinsville has bottle / can deposit machines. You just feed in the bottles and it kicks out a slip to get you your money. Quick, easy, and it can be fun!

Bottles, Cans and Recycling

Electronics, Batteries, CDs
There are tons of computer and electronic items that should NEVER be put into the trash stream. CDs. DVDs. Batteries. Ink cartridges. Plastic gift cards. TVs. Appliances. Luckily, we have a BestBuy in Millbury which handles all of these items - most for free!

Electronics, Batteries, CDs and Recycling

Coat Hangars
Most services won't take metal coat hangars. However, swing by a dry cleaner's and see if they will take them. Often they can find a use for them.

Printer Ink Cartridges
Not only will Staples in Millbury recycle your ink cartridges but they will PAY YOU MONEY for them. Gather them up and bring them in!

Every home should have a compost bin. This is how you recycle all your food scrapes, used tea bags, and other organic material. There are even counter-top sealed versions for apartments that create a "compost tea" to pour on your house plants and let them grow *beautifully*. However you choose to compost - inside or outside - make sure you use composting for all your organic wastes!

Corks need to be separated from bottles when you recycle. Corks are GREAT for making into trivets and wreaths for decor and gift giving. If you're not feeling crafty, wash the corks and then put them into clear plastic bags. Bring them to your Salvation Army for selling as craft supplies. Someone else will be thrilled to have the raw materials for trivets!

Don't throw away your old or scratched eyeglasses! They can be recycled and reused in poor locations! The WalMart at Whitinsville has an eyeglass drop container. Simply put your old and unwanted eyeglasses into the box. They will be granted a new life!

Eyeglass Recycling Details and Locations

Styrofoam is one name for Expanded Polystyrene Slastic (EPS). Styrofoam is often used for packing material, coffee cups, and shipping peanuts. It can take **500 years** for a single styrofoam cup to degrade! We are VERY lucky in Sutton that not too far away we have ReFoamIt styrofoam Recyclers - most towns have NO nearby options for styrofoam!!

Used Bike Tires
I am currently STUCK with used bike tires as well. Which is silly - don't we all have bikes we ride and enjoy nature on? Where are all these used tires going? I've tried calling bike shops. They throw them in the trash. The issue is that the rubber tire has a bead of metal inside it which makes recycling troublesome. I've talked to recycling plants, and they cannot handle the tires. They do warn that when you throw tires into the trash stream that you have to make sure to cut the tire up into smaller pieces. It causes all sorts of trouble if it goes into the trash stream as a solid circle. I am now trying contacting tire stores to see what they do.

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