Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Location

Sutton, Massachusetts is a rural town located in south central Massachusetts. It is about 15 minutes south from Worcester, straight down Route 146. It is about 1 hour west of Boston, straight on the Mass Pike. Sutton is peaceful and quiet, with dairy farms, horse farms, and a gazebo on our town green. It's about 34 square miles in size.

Sutton is in the northeastern corner of the United States, in an area known as "New England".

New England

Here is Sutton's location within Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Map

Here is a closeup of the area immediately around Sutton.

Sutton Map

Here is a map of Sutton itself.

Sutton Map

This map gives more details.

Sutton Map
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This next map is a survey map showing where the cemeteries are located.

Sutton Map

The Cemetery Page provides an even closer zoom-in at the cemetery map to see actual street names.

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