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Sutton, Massachusetts is plunk in the middle of a mostly Democratic state. As of October 2010, Massachusetts had about 1.5 million Democrats vs about 500,000 Republicans. Fascinatingly, this is pretty much EXACTLY the number of enrolled party members back in 2002! Since Massachusetts has grown in population in the middle, more people must be choosing to be unenrolled. There are also handfuls of Libertarians and Greens here.

Whatever your affiliation, be sure to check on how your senators and reps are voting! Many of them cross party lines on key votes, which may or may not please you. The only way the reps know know how their constituents feel is if we contact them and speak out!

Sutton Representation
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Sutton Town Hall
Locally, Sutton has a Board of Selectmen and a Town Administrator. There are open town meetings each spring and fall to address important topics, like when we closed our dump and turned it into a transfer station.
Sutton Town Meetings

Registered Voters
As you can see from this table, Sutton "bucks the trend" of Massachusetts by having a sizeable number of Republicans. Also, they are fiercely independent here in Sutton. They do not want to "enroll" in a given party - they want to hold themselves separate.

YearTotalRepublicanDemocratOtherUnenrolled% UnenrolledSource
20106,7439671,244174,50767% MA.US 2010 Figures
20086,7249371,279174,47967% MA.US 2008 Figures
20066,3468871,20314,22567% MA.US 2006 Figures
20046,0988291,158304,07367% MA.US 2004 Figures

Being Heard
To find where to vote in Massachusetts, be sure to visit this public information resource:
Massachusetts Voting Locator Page.

In past years, Sutton MA locations have been -
the old high school gym (Precincts 1 and 3)
the Manchaug fire station (Precinct 2)

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