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Federal Senator
If you remember your US government studies, each state sends 2 senators from that state to Washington DC to represent them. The entire state elects those two senators. The senators serve 6 year terms.

Edward J. Markey (D)
Elected in 2013 after a special election.

Elizabeth Warren (D)
Elected in 2012.

Federal Congressmen / Representatives
States send a certain number of representatives to the US Congress proportional to their population. The entire state of Massachusetts has 10 representatives. Each representative handles a certain geographical area of Massachusetts. Representatives serve 2 year terms.

Sutton is sort of centrally located in the "2nd district" which stretches along the center of the Connecticut border. It goes from Agawam and Chicopee on the western side over to Bellingham and Milford on the eastern side. It goes as far north as Spenser and North Brookfield but does not include Auburn or Worcester.

Our federal representative for District 2 is -

Jim McGovern (D)
Elected in 1996.

2nd Massachusetts District
2nd Massachusetts District

To find where to vote, visit the Voting Locator Page. In past years, locations have been -
the old high school gym (Precincts 1 and 3)
the Manchaug Library (Precinct 2)

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