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Sutton Massachusetts Tax Rates

Sutton, Massachusetts has about 5,595 people who are aged 21 or older. There are about 2,950 homes in this town. Just what are the tax rates on this population?

First, all Sutton residents of course pay a federal income tax to the US government. That is based on the income of the individual. Next, all Massachusetts residents pay a 5% state income tax to Massachusetts. There is an easy phone-call system where in essence you take a few numbers from your federal form and it calculates the payment based on that.

For Sutton itself, Sutton has several ways to get money from its residents.

Real Estate Property Tax
The biggest local tax is the real estate property tax. This is a tax on all land or homes you own. As of 10/31/2005 the residential property tax is 1.025% of the house's valuation. Standard tax rates are expressed in $X per $1,000 dollars of valuation. So for example if you had a home that was worth $200,000 you would end up paying $2,050 a year to Sutton in property taxes.

How does the 1.025% rate compare with Sutton's immediate neighbors?

Northbridge: 0.862% (12/05)
Grafton: 1.008% (11/05)
Uxbridge: 1.079% (12/05)
Douglas: 1.118% (11/05)
Millbury: 1.141% (11/05)
Oxford: 1.150% (10/05)

Sutton is about average for our area.

Excise Tax
The next large tax you pay to Sutton every year is excise tax - i.e. yearly tax on cars and boats. This is much higher than property tax and is set on a state wide basis. The going rate in Massachusetts has been 2.5% since 1981. While the rate is set state-wide, you pay your town the money.

If you had a car worth $20,000, then every year you would pay Sutton $500 just for owning your car.

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