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Top Ten Things to Do in Sutton MA

Sutton, Massachusetts is a beautiful, rural location that is convenient to the Mass Pike and Route 146. Sutton is home to a variety of ponds, lakes, and the beautiful Blackstone River. We have hiking trails, fishing spots, and much more. Here are my ten favorite natural, free activities to do in Sutton! If you have other suggestions, please let me know!

Purgatory Chasm 1. Purgatory Chasm
Purgatory Chasm is simply an amazing place to visit for a day or a weekend. There's the chasm itself, a cleft in the earth with caves and rocks. There are a number of tamer walking paths around the edges to explore the forests. There's a stream and a pond with frogs. There are numerous picnic locations, a playground, and a sense that you can really immerse yourself in nature.
Purgatory Chasm
Marion's Camp 2. Singletary Lake
Singletary Lake is half in Sutton, half in Millbury. The Sutton Town Beach at Marion's Camp lets you swim and enjoy Singletary, but if boating is more your style, you'll currently have to go around to Millbury to put your boat in. Whatever method appeals to you, get out on the lake and enjoy the fish, the birds, and the water experience!
Marion's Camp Town Beach at Singletary Lake
Merrill Pond 3. Merrill Pond State Reservation
At one time this string of ponds was the first scientifically monitored fish hatchery in the US. The hatchery is long gone, but the ponds are still there, gorgeous in any season. You can hike a number of trails around the ponds and come across a number of wildlife. As an added bonus, you can visit Eight Lots School, right by one of the ponds, and see what school life was like a few centuries ago.
Merrill Pond State Reservation
Blackstone River 4. Blackstone River
The Blackstone River cuts through the northeast corner of Sutton, and there is a lovely Tricentennial Park located by the waterfall. You can have a picnic at the tables, or if you're a kayaker you can use this park area to portage your canoe from the upper to the lower area of the river. This is a great spot to do some birdwatching.
Blackstone River
Manchaug Waterfall 5. Manchaug Waterfall
The village of Manchaug has a beautiful waterfall with a paved walking trail alongside it and benches to sit and enjoy the view. There are several informative signs to help you learn more about the history of this area and how the mills played a part in Sutton's history. When you're done enjoying nature, you can go across the street to the Manchaug Mill - now a shopping complex - and enjoy the local crafts.
Manchaug Waterfall

6. Waters Farm
Waters Farm is a historic location which is lovely to go on any day, but it's even better to watch their events listing for one of their special festivals. You can enjoy horse drawn carriages in the summer, sleigh rides in the winter, and a wealth of other fun activities in between.
Waters Farm

7. Blackstone National Golf Course
It's worth mentioning that Sutton does have the Pleasant Valley Golf Course, which was once on the PGA Tour, but that is a members only location. In comparison, Blackstone National is open to all and has gorgeous grounds. This is my favorite spot to go take foliage photos from. There is a restaurant there, so you can go with your family and eat on the back porch, enjoying the beautiful view and landscape. Of course, if you're a golfer, it's nice to go out and hit those links!
Blackstone National Golf Course

8. Power Lines at Central Turnpike
I'm still researching this issue - I *think* it's fully legal for people to in essence use the power lines that run to the east of 146, that cut across Central Turnpike, as a well kept, interesting hiking trail. Certainly a lot of people do hike and ride in this power line area. You can see deer, turkeys, and a number of other wildlife along the trail, and there's pull-off parking on either side of Central Turnpike.

9. Sutton Center
The Sutton Library is located right by the Town Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, and other town buildings at Sutton Center. The library hosts a number of events each month and provides a good collection of books, CDs, DVDs, and other items. The gazebo on the Sutton green occasonally has musical events in the summer as well.
Sutton Center

10. Explore!
There are numerous horse farms, cow farms, dirt roads, abandoned cemeteries, misty forests, small shops, horse riding stables, and other things to do in Sutton. Take your foot off the gas pedal, slow down and enjoy the scenery!

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